Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello, I Must Be Going!: Phil Collins To Retire from Music Industry

I was listening to a Phil Collins track in the air tonight, when I first read the news at a quarter to eleven p.m. Eastern time that long-time drummer and vocalist Phil Collins of Genesis and solo fame will retire, citing health concerns.

But seriously, I really was listening to a Phil Collins song at the time. It was "Invisible Touch", from his time with Genesis.

Sorry, y'all. Back to the news.

If it is true that he's retiring from the stu-stu-studio ('coz he sang this tune once before), should this time be taken at face value?

From the sound of it, it kinda does. He lives up in Switzerland by himself, and he's expressed a sentiment that he's just better off wilting away in solitary. (Sounds like something former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel would do.) There's also been a report that Collins is retiring (for good) because he cannot keep up with the vitriol nor the style of contemporary music in this day and age.

You'd have to be real sincere to say these things and not take one more night sooner to make this decision.

Through it all, Collins has sold over 150 million records, and amassed eight studio albums and twenty one Top-40 singles in his solo career, seven of which topped the Billboard Hot 100.

Certainly, I hope his retirement serves him well. I've enjoyed his music for as long as I can remember, and if it weren't for several other artists making their way into my music library the past few years, I'd be a bigger fan of Phil Collins now. Nonetheless, the many times I have listened to him, he's been very candid about real life issues that double as catchy pop tunes and ballads. He's told me to never hurry love, watch out for easy lovers, and that every day in the U.S. is always another day in paradise. Try picking that up in today's music. Combined with all his charity work, it's hard to see him go if you're a fan, as well.

Whatever you do, Phil Collins, just don't dance into the light, but bicycle, if you must.

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