Monday, August 8, 2011

Want To Get Noticed? Go Bare

(The following is a short piece I wrote for my brief stint on a freelance site, only for it to be rejected and rewritten. I understand it reeks of a sales pitch. Just take a few seconds of your time to read my shameless advert, and be thankful I'm not doing this for a living. You're welcome.)

When wearing cologne, keep the scent to a minimum. Not only can too much prove overpowering, it's a sign of insecurity that anyone can pick up on, males and females alike. To achieve that brisk, desirable smell, keep the can or bottle six to eight inches away when applying your fragrance. Allow each spray to gently waft over your desired area before you get dressed because your skin can absorb and retain the scent longer than your clothes. For best results, aim for your chest, neck, forearms and undersides of your wrists with only one spray each.

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