Thursday, September 22, 2011

What In The World Is Growing In My Front Yard?

Yes, it's been a week and a half since my last post.

Yes, I've been busy with schoolwork all this time.

No, I haven't completely forgotten about this blog.

However, I finally got around to asking myself what's the name of a certain plant or flower or whatever it is growing in a garden of mine. I don't know what it is because it was here before I moved to my current residence. It would surprise me none if it's a southwestern variant, especially considering it's growing in a field that resembles cacti, but again, I haven't clue.

So I've decided to take to the World Wide Web (old school, I know) and ask you, the reader, if you know a thing about the thing that's been budding up a lot in recent memory. I've attached some photos below to help in this... investigation.

Drop a line or several if you know what it is, and many thanks for any helpful suggestions!

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